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NHL – Predicting the winners of major awards

It’s not too late to bet on award winners for the upcoming NHL season– read on to find out who we think are going win all the major awards (excluding coaches, as those are completely impossible to predict).

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Hart Trophy

Sidney Crosby has had too much bad luck with injuries, so we think it’s finally the time he got a full season under his belt – and if his production keeps up, this should be a no-brainer.

Runner ups: Alex Ovechkin, Evgeni Malkin, John Tavares

Wildcard pick: Cory Schneider

Art Ross Trophy

Even more so than the Hart, this one is Crosby’s to lose. And as said, he probably won’t get injured again, it’s justnot possibleto be that unlucky, is it now? Please :(

Runner ups: Martin St. Louis, Steven Stamkos, John Tavares

Wildcard pick: Nicklas Backstrom

Rocket Richard prediction for 2014

We think that Steven Stamkos is a pretty good candinate – he’s young, at his peak and showing no signs of slowing down. He also has an elite playmaker in St. Louis feeding him passes. On the other hand, Ovechkin could surpass him if he stays focused in the NHL, but we think he’s gonna lose some focus because of the Olympics; they really are a big deal for him.

Runner ups: Ovechkin, Malkin

Wildcard pick: Phil Kessel

Selke Trophy prediction 2014

Pavel Datsyuk is going to have a field day in the Eastern Conference with players that aren’t used to him. Datsyuk also has the reputation behind him, and since media golden boy Toews has now received his Selke, we feel there’s no need to gift it to him again. So it’s probably going to be Datsyuk. The real runner ups would be Patrice Bergeron and Ryan O’Reilly.

Runner ups: Patrice Bergeron, Ryan O’Reilly.

Wildcard pick: Alexander Barkov

Norris Trophy prediction 2014

Erik Karlsson was amazing last season before his injury, and is only going to get better. His defensive game has also improved tremendously, so there doesn’t seem to be much competition if he stays healthy. Maybe next year, Shea.

Runner ups: Shea Weber, Alex Pietrangelo

Wildcard pick: Drew Doughty

Vezina trophy winner prediction for 2013-2014

Look at those pads!

Vezinas are usually very difficult to predict, and it’s even harder this season because of the reduced pad-size, as it’s difficult to tell who’ll be affected the most (except Mike Smith and Cory Crawford, of course).

However, we can guess that athletic, fast goalies would benefit relatively compared to butterfly-reliant, big goalies, and based on this, we’re gonna say that Mr. Henrik Lundqvist has a good chance to finally take the cake and win the Vezina.

Runner ups: Andersson, Halak

Wildcard pick: Jimmy Howard

Calder trophy

Nathan MacKinnon is going to win it if he stays healthy. This kid has amazing vision and hockey sense and will be a future 90+ point player.

Runner ups: Mark Scheifele, Alex Barkov, Jonathan Drouin

Wildcard pick: Rasmus Ristolainen

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“Off the Board” Predictions for NHL Stanley Cup Winner 2013-2014 Season

The 2013-2014 nhl season has just kicked off and we are ready to bring on our predictions and betting advice for the season.

First off, we want to make it clear that we picked these “off the board” or so to speak, because often the most obvious bet isn’t going to be the one that brings you a very good return over long term.

Stanley Cup Winning Team 2014 – Prediction

Every expert here is going to pick one of Pittsburgh, Chicago or Boston. While those are obviously 3 great teams, they 1)aren’t actually that far apart of the pack and 2) don’t offer very good odds. So what team is a likely cup winner that also offers good return on bet? To determine this, we need to look at some underrated teams that still made improvements in the offseason, but are still a sure bet to make the playoffs.

Our pick: Detroit Red Wings

21 straight playoff appeareances, I’d say they’re a sure bet to make it again, huh? Especially considering that last season was probably the worst Detroit is going to have in a while (until Datsyuk retires), having lost Lidstrom and not being able to sing their free agent targets. The team found an extra gear at the end of the season and the playoffs though, almost beating the eventual champions but ultimately falling to the Blackhawks in game 7 OT.

But things are looking even better this season, as the Red Wings managed to sign Stephen Weiss to replace Filppula (Filppula is a good winger, Weiss is the better center by far) and of course Daniel Alfreddson who replaced the potent but inconsistent scorer Damien Brunner.

Other perhaps overlooked factors will be the fact that Darren Helm will be healthy, who has been called the best 3rd line center in the league, Nyquist and Tatar will be getting more experience on cheap contracts and Danny Dekeyser whose an amazing young defensive defenceman, signed only to an ELC, will further solidfy the underrated defense. The veteran Daniel Cleary is also on a paycut, he’s being paid just under 2 million.

These low-value contracts really improve Detroits depth as they have just the right mix of prospects and veterans, or perhaps even too many of them, since not all of the guys even fit in the lineup when everyone’s healthy.

So, considering these factors, Detroit’s looking like a strong candinate, but if 2 of the 3 pillars get injured (Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Howard), it may all fall apart before it even starts.

St Louis Blues

These guy’s window has hardly closed, they have perhaps the best defense in the league, and now they also have some offence thanks to young players like Tarasenko, who’ll be playing his first 82-game season. If they make a move or two at the deadline, they could be serious contenders, perhaps moves aren’t even needed if they get into the right groove at the right time.

The St Louis Blues definitely offer a good chance of getting a really nice sum of money if you bet on them early.

Toronto Maple Leafs

The Maple Leafs had an active offseason, and having made the playoffs last year, they now have some confidence in their game. They actually have one of the best offences in the league, and also a really solid PK, top-5 in the league.

Goaltending also won’t be an issue anymore with the addition of Bernier.

The odds are good on this one.

Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators have seemingly overperformed during the last couple of seasons, but this year they actually have a great team. Last season would have been very different if everyone notable on the team didn’t get injured, yet they still made it to the 2nd round in the playoffs.

With a chip on their shoulder having been abandoned by their captain. they are looking to bring the Stanley Cup to Ottawa for the first time in history. Can Bobby Ryan be good enough replacement for Alfie to make that happen? How good will Karlsson be? If they’ll be as good as we think, the Ottawa Senators have a decent chance of making the finals and taking the cup to Canada!

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